Now is not static.

Now is a moving thing.
It is real that the present moves forward.  To feel the real, open to the experience of time moving forward second by second.  Rather than resist this movement, you are invited to embrace each moment, to see what gifts embracing the realness of moving forward brings.
When we experience the realness of time moving forward, we free ourselves from the past.  We can now release, learn, grow, relate.  We are connected to what is real, true, and therefore what gives us power to create and to change as wanted / needed.
We don’t take life, each other, or ourselves so much for granted.  It helps to realise the sacredness of each passing momen, that it will never return again.
We see the possibilities of progressing, re-creating better than before.
We are informed and hopefully inspired to create the best each moment, and savor, and appreciate more, because we will still have our memories – some would say even beyond this lifetime.
What we do with each now is our free choice.  The permanent memories we create can be truly beautiful and good.  This It is in our power to choose how we use each moment.
Holding each moments sacred, we give ourselves the gift of cherished memories.
Doing our best, giving our best each moment ensures us of receiving the best.
Experiencing this way, we can know that future moments hold similar opportunities.

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