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A new dimension of awe - If your fire is feeling a little dampened, you will be surprised by what ignites using the I Ching Version for Optimism. Over a six month period I had been pushing, pushing, pushing – tenaciously, resolutely, determinedly – all in the interest of fostering my passion in the (more…)

—Barry Heermann, Ph.D.

Like a best friend I never want to be without - I have been using a classical version of the I Ching over 40 years.  I find Theo’s presentation very appropriate for our times and our present state of evolution on a general planetary level. I Ching Version for Optimism is a gift anyone of any age can use to access the magic and mystery of life on earth.  It is beautifully written in an easy and simple to understand form.  The language is direct and clear.  We are not left guessing what it might mean to cross great water or tread upon tails of tigers.

—Helena Buell, N.C.

This book crystalizes the spiritual energy and message I need at the time I read it. I love it so much I have now given it to three people at work and to my daughter, Marcella.


Guiding thought that opens my thinking to possibilities - Thank you for putting the I Ching into a form I can easily access. I use the book several times a week.  I am always surprised how pertinent it is.  I keep the I Ching Essence cards in my desk and pull cards at random for some quick guiding thought that opens my thinking to possibilities.


A true friend - Having been blessed with the I Ching Essence cards in my life for many years, I find them to be a true friend.  What inspires me is the message is most often whole and true to my life path.  They are challenging and insightful of the circumstance that is my path on any given day.  Dear friends are like this as well.  And the cards fit in my day bag, so they can travel with me sharing the experience with wonderful insight and compassion.  JC

—John E. Chandler, Reiki Master/Teacher