About Theo & Jude

About Theo & Jude

Theo Cade, Ph.D.
Mystic, Frisbee® Guy, Author, Student of Peace

Theo Sunny Cade, Ph.D. expresses his love for learning and growing joyfully creating books and apps to inspire evolution and transformation.

Theo Cade has discovered and shares a way for anyone to have their own unique connection to spirit to manifest joy and fulfillment.  As a writer, Theo’s interests are spirituality, happiness, relationships, and peace.  After using the I Ching in daily meditation over 30 years, Theo wrote a Version for Optimism to offer uplifting and inspiring readings.  And he wrote for his own self-healing during a time of challenge and positive stress.

Finally! We had moved to our beloved finca (farm) at the western end of Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.  For nearly 10 years the dream of living full time on our finca organized our lives.  The dream was great motivation for conserving our retirement assets, and creatively designing the life we wanted.

Theo:  In Costa Rica, my days began as always, by consulting the I Ching.  I was enjoying a couple of new versions and using the cards I had created.  I began to synthesize from my own knowledge and from others whose interpretations I was enjoying.

The writing seemed to come through me rather than from me.

In the early hours of the morning when the veil is lifted and the guidance seemed profound, I began to write, one reading at a time.  I am not claiming the guidance is mine as the writing seemed to come through me rather than from me.  It is an inner voice looking over my shoulder and gently saying, ‘Yes, that is the right word’, or metaphor, or example, or principle.  All I needed to do was stay tuned in and let the writing happen.  Coming back to the writing as a reader, I am invariably empowered by applying the principles.

Jude:  We were living in the bamboo bungalow, a casita built for us by Kuki, our dear friend and Costa Rican manager for our property.  As we arrived, at last to stay, there were some heartbreaking moments.  Our loved Costa Rican worker had a ‘dollar’ loan as a mortgage on his house.  In 2008, as inflation swept Costa Rica like a wildfire, the bank wanted $100 or $200 more than his regular mortgage payment.  This amounted to the better part of a month’s pay.  Our worker was a young man and a new dad.  He was facing the loss of his home.  Theo’s consulting the I Ching over several weeks let us to the decision to make our own loan to our worker so he could pay the bank and keep his house.

Before this decision, there were many sleepless nights when Theo rose at 2 or 3 in the morning to consult the I Ching and to write Version for Optimism readings.

Another incident was incredibly frustrating.  We had gone to a lab for blood work in the nearest city, about a 2-hour drive in tropical heat.  This was part of our application for health insurance.  The next day we received a call, Oops, we didn’t have you sign enough forms.  We can’t release your lab results to the insurance company.  You have to come back and sign more forms.  Theo’s first response, the natural one, was anger and frustration.  Several I Ching readings later, we were able to return to the hot, dusty city and the lab in gracious cordiality, sign the forms, and complete our application for health insurance.

Jude keyboarding text for the book

As I watched Theo deep in this process of consulting the oracle, calming himself, opening to Spirit, healing, and writing the guidance he received, I knew this book was a valuable contribution to the world and must be completed and published.

Theo relates his purpose in adding another version of the I Ching to the world, is to apply his trade as a writer to his life mission, to stimulate and participate with others in the transformation of the world to a state of Total Permanent World Peace and Prosperity.  As a clinical psychologist, he observed that issues between world leaders were similar to issues in families.  He also observed that applying processes similar to those effective at healing families would contribute to a better world.  This professional journey led him to become an independent scholar of peace processes from which he developed All Win.  From his studies of peace processes and from his education, training, and practice as a psychologist, he believes this is doable, worth doing, and life giving.

Living into our dream coming true

Theo and Jude have been a couple over 30 years.  Their work represents our celebration of returning to our professional partnership and the joining of our passion and the love of the simple possibility for living in a sustainable manner among the Costa Rican people.  Here we strive to live with respect and love for their earth and all living beings by living simply, walking and using public transportation, recycling, and making our own entertainment.  We want to support the people of Costa Rica and their intention to be a model for peace and ecological inspiration for the world.

We each began our professional lives with training and practice in psychotherapy.  As our marriage deepened, our professional journeys diverged:  Jude into global business and leadership development and Theo to teaching, kids, flying disc (Frisbee®) sports (22 world championships), and an independent scholar of peace processes.

Theo and Jude live amongst friends and their beloved dogs high on the continental divide in Costa Rica.  Now they share a mission to practice dialogue to create All Win making a simple difference for the Earth, her people, and all living things.  Together as beloveds, they create, publish, and convene for their own evolution and to inspire others.

Doggie Ecstacy. Boodhi & Canelo

Lisseth, the royal queen mother

La Princessa, who is blind, enjoying her morning romp