• Are you seeking …

    • Resolution
    • Clarification
    • Peace of mind
    • Spiritual connection
You want to use life’s challenges to grow and evolve.
You want to be happier.  You are a force for good.  And at times you struggle with overwhelm, confusion, or decisions about the best course of action.

You would like to handle your issues from a place of joy and inspiration rather than fear.

Join thousands who love  I Ching for Optimism

Connect with Spirit.  Let pure love guide you.  When you’re struggling or simply want guidance, let I Ching for Optimism bring a blend of ancient wisdom and positive psychology to your situation.

Just a bit about Theo and Jude

Together, Theo and Jude, joyfully create books and Apps to inspire evolution and transformation.  The creative soil is their own life and relationship.  Over more than 30 years, they have tested these ideas for you.

Guidance now just for you

When people struggle with overwhelm and indecision, or simply want guidance, I Ching for Optimism offers immediate access to the wisdom of ancient sages confirming the wisdom of your own heart.  Spirit matches the energy of your focus with the right message for you in this moment.  You can trust the guidance to be affirming and positive.

Taste the Essence

Get the free download and enjoy the cards.  As the I Ching Essence messages speak to you, deeper readings can be found in the book, I Ching Version for Optimism.  

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